Philagrafika 2010: appropriate manipulate duplicate at Gallery Joe

Any time I go to Philadelphia, Gallery Joe is necessary stop. For years now they’ve been showing consistently strong drawings and paintings. Knowing that they rarely exhibit print work, I was excited to see what their contribution to the Philagrafika festival would be. I wasn’t disappointed by appropriate manipulate duplicate, a group show of innovative and digitally-inspired print work.

Andrew Milner is a St. Louis-based artist who does digital work merging drawing and photography with lightjet output. These have a real luminosity in person. The images are based on multiple views of the same subject that are then drawn with a wacom tablet.

Of course, I’d already seen pictures of Eva Wylie’s silkscreen mural. This is a rare example of Wylie’s site-specific silkscreen on a free-standing wall; it is some of Wylie’s strongest work to date. The piece features a strange accumulation of color and imagery from various internet sources- great from a distance and fascinating up close.

These pieces are by Houston-based William Betts. Apparently Betts has developed a process by which he prints with acrylic on mirror. He makes surveillance footage look like candy… Kafkaesque candy.

Gil Kerlin

Ati Maier also had an interesting animation in the show.

And in the project room, a show by Philly-favorite Shelly Spector of the now defunct Spector Gallery. I have to admit I haven’t seen any of Spector’s work in a while and this seems like a shift… a good shift. I remember her as having an almost-outsider art aesthetic but this work seems a little more calculated (in the best sense of that word). A number of the pieces are juxtaposed with these sources creating an interesting didactic relationship.

Here Spector recreates the various container forms from above with stacked paper.

In this piece she pulls patterns from the dollar to create a quilt that’s more useful than money on a cold night.

Spector also had a number of digitally-printed triptychs juxtaposing assorted materials. Not sure what the conceptual rationale was behind these but they definitely had aesthetic merit.

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2 Responses to “Philagrafika 2010: appropriate manipulate duplicate at Gallery Joe”

  1. A very nice show, I will try to stop in before it closes

  2. It is great to see some color in the show!