More Copy Jam!

Here’s another compilation of pictures from Thursday night’s Copy Jam! Many of these were taken by Julie Ahn from AITA and the rest were taken by Sarah Marshall and Jason Urban. Thanks again to our artists and everyone who came out to the event and special thanks to everyone who helped out- Julie, Laura, and the whole crew at AITA, Sarah, Jen, Holly Holly Hobby Hobby, Mike, etc. Needless to say that by the end of the night, Printeresting found a new respect for anyone who’s ever worked at Kinko’s.

Always look for the Copy Jam! red stamp of authenticity. It verifies that you’ve got a “real” copy from the event.

Justin Quinn/Robin McDowell

Kevin Haas/Wendy Collin Sorin

Marc Snyder (with an homage to the inventor of xerography)/Kate Bingaman-Burt

Matt Neff/Bill Fick

Aaron Wilson’s 8 1/2″ x 11″ litho stone- we enjoyed schlepping this around Philadelphia, Aaron.

Guide to the grid of work.

More shots from the event…

View from the copier.Like most antiquated print processes, xerography is pretty labor-intensive.Sampling Root at the front register.

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One Response to “More Copy Jam!”

  1. Jennifer McTague says:

    I guess 231. I already own a Copy Jam tee shirt, but it is so awesome that I would love to win one for my man.

    The event was super fun and I’m loving my tugboat press copy, thanks Printeresting!