A Press is Born

Between the Medium Resistance show in The Ice Box, the Xtra-Dimensional Printmaking show at Nexus, the giant Viking ship in the parking lot, and all the other stuff going on, it’s no surprise that the Crane Arts Building was a zoo on Friday night. Many regulars to the Crane said they had never seen a crowd of that size in fill its cavernous halls and galleries.

If you were there, maybe you noticed people walking around with a favorite Philadelphia delicacy: cold, soft pretzels. Something of an acquired taste, those pretzels were coming from the basement where visitors were welcomed to the soft launch of the newest force in the Philadelphia print scene: Second State Press. The space is just getting off the ground but they didn’t want to miss the SGC festivities so they printed up a few presses (pictured above), bought some pretzels (pictured below), and opened their doors to let everyone see the future home of their community printshop.

These aprons were selling for less than $20 and they were going like hotcakes. Everyone knows that printmakers can’t resist a print-related pun. Especially when it’s printed on an apron.

A member of the Second State Press team listens intently to one visitor’s thoughts on the project.

The best sandwich boards ever.

Sounds like they’ve secured presses and are finishing up with the design of the space; doors are set to open in the Fall of 2010. For more details here’s a Second State Press Fact Sheet PDF or you can send an email to: info@secondstatepress.org.

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4 Responses to “A Press is Born”

  1. Jeffrey says:

    Congratulations again, Jenn & Zach; this is so inspiring!

  2. Hey Printeresting Dudes-

    A community printshop has just launched in Fishtown. You missed our welcome party last night, but we’re here for etchers and others needing small scale etching press access. Check us out!

    2 Printer gals

  3. Jason Urban says:

    Good luck with the new venture, Katie & Lauren! We’ll try to stop by the next time we’re in Philly.