SGC Philadelphia: Drive By Press and Democratic Down N’ Dirty DIY

Guest post by Mary Tasillo

The Southern Graphics Council conference kicked off in this evening in
Philadelphia with two interactive print events. Drive By Press shut down
the 1600 block of Latimer Street outside of the Print Center to engage
visitors in screenprinting their own t-shirts and to construct a large
print-covered contraption.

With an etching press pulled out of the back of their van,
they printed woodblocks.

Inking a block behind the van

Sewing the canvas relief prints into a larger cloth

The tower of canvas prints on a metal armature, with construction across from the Print Center in the background. Note especially the stacked tire print banding the sculpture.

Meanwhile, at The University of the Arts, Greg Pizzoli and Matt Neff, along with a cadre of helpers, orchestrated Democratic Down N’ Dirty DIY Screen printing, where participants screenprinted more t-shirts, and wheat pasted prints to the wall.

Participants paste prints to the wall.

Dr. Pizzoli explains his wheat paste recipe.

One of the several stations set up for the printing.

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4 Responses to “SGC Philadelphia: Drive By Press and Democratic Down N’ Dirty DIY”

  1. Hannah says:

    Oh looks kick ass! Drive By Press Rocks! They are coming to Maine College of Art this April. Check them out!

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  4. Derrick Webb says:

    Let us soak the world with ink!- DeRock