Flatstock 24 (Part 1)

Pictures of API’s Flatstock 24 at this year’s SXSW in ATX. More than 80 poster artists from around the country are in attendance, showing and selling work Thursday, Friday and Saturday. A lot of familiar faces and some news one. There’s no way to get pictures of everything but this should give you the general idea…

Furturtle had the first booth as you walked in the door.

Texas’ own Charlie Hardwick

From a distance I thought for sure this Swell Season poster by Santa Monica’s DKNG was digital but close inspection reveals the dot pattern. Tight screenprinting. On a sidenote, it seems like everybody had a Swell Season poster so I asked around… apparently, the band rather than using just one or two poster artist, commissioned a different artist for each date of a recent tour.

Strong and bright graphics from Dan Stiles (Portland, OR).

Nakatomi had this Cherry Blossom Destro print by Jacob Borschard.

Chicago’s Crosshair had a booth full of their signature photo-based screenprints. It’s a nice integration of image and text. You may remember their work from last year’s Printer’s Ball.

Crosshair’s poster for Flatstock 20.

Lure Design Incorporated from Orlando had some nice work.

Most booths were strictly gig posters but Lure had handprinted movie posters, too.

F2 Design from Lubbock were letting people print their own letterpress Flatstock posters. Thanks to Matt Flick for clarifying .

Chattanooga’s Young Monster.

Wall of Lil Tuffy from San Francisco

Close-up on a Deerhunter poster by Lil Tuffy. This poster gets my vote for best poster featuring an eyeball. Awesome.

See more Flatstock in Part 2.

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14 Responses to “Flatstock 24 (Part 1)”

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  2. Super great fantabulous pics for those of us who couldn’t make it to FlatStock! Great stuff. Shout out to Young Monster from the Dirty South.

  3. totally great this year!
    got my hands on some great Landland and Stackmatic prints.

  4. Sarah Marshall says:

    Wow! Wish I could have seen that in person.

  5. Boobie Tombstone says:

    Young Monster rules!!

  6. Nicole says:

    I was up at Flatstock today! It was amazing! The group that was letterpressing right in the booth was F2 Designs.
    I loved Bird Machine and had to say so to Jay in person. I also love Nakatomi Inc and ended up buying a print from someone when he THANKFULLY mentioned that he took credit cards. I ran out of cash soo fast. Maybe not a good idea to do that before SGC!

  7. Peter says:

    what a waste of paper and ink!

  8. Matt Flick says:

    The guy letting everyone letter press their own poster was Dirk Fowler, and his wife Carol Fowler of F2 Designs and a design professor at Texas Tech University. They are my favorite people on the plant. so nice.

  9. Jason Urban says:

    Thanks for clarifying, Matt. I’ve updated the post to include F2.

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  12. tony says:

    that JAWS movie poster is AWESOME. VIVA Nakatomi too!!

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