Junior Printmakers: Fisher-Price Printer’s Kit

Designer Shane Bzdok posted some Flickr photos of his childhood Printer’s Kit.

Fisher-Price sold the kit between 1981 and 1984, for children aged five-plus. So I was in the exact target demo for this product, but I never saw one. The Road Not Taken.


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3 Responses to “Junior Printmakers: Fisher-Price Printer’s Kit”

  1. Luther says:

    I got one of these as a kid as a christmas present. I used it a couple of times from age 10-12 then I forgot about it. I rediscovered it as a printmaking major in college and used it a lot then. There are very few parts that can fail in it’s construction. If you see one for sale snap it up.

  2. amy Castillo says:

    I had one of these and wore it out!