Printed Biscuits!


A recent trip to the local japanese street food-style restaurant yielded this find: Auto Land Printed Bisuits by the Meiji snack company. How could anyone resist that world-weary car face?

You may be familiar with Meiji from their popular chocolate mushroom treats or equally print-tasty Hello Panda cookies, which are filled with a chocolate-like substance and printed with pandas in action.


This photo of winter sports oriented Hello Panda treats is via Pop Kiss Kiss.


Back to the Auto Land cooky taste test, while they have some really great transportation images printed on them (see the full cookie gallery after the jump), they are more akin to a square ritz cracker than any biscuit you are likely to find at any Bob Evans. For now I can only highly recommend the Hello Panda line of printed snacks even though their graphics have a less obvious relationship between form and content.

After some research, it seems Meiji’s only real competition in the printed snack food market is the Belgium Biscuit Line company. They seem to be aiming more at the corporate schwag market than the large demographic of folks hankering for some printed snacks.


Fun names to learn!

IMG_9833.JPG IMG_9834.JPG IMG_9835.JPG IMG_9836.JPG IMG_9837.JPG IMG_9838.JPG IMG_9839.JPG IMG_9840.JPG IMG_9842.JPG IMG_9843.JPG IMG_9844.JPG IMG_9845.JPG IMG_9846.JPG

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5 Responses to “Printed Biscuits!”

  1. inkgnome says:

    Have you ever checked out how the m’s are put onto M & M’s? Non-toxic printing before our craft caught on.

  2. jean c. says:

    thank you for documenting all the different types of biscuit cars! not only because they are graphically / linguistically interesting, but because that is the kind of thing that I would do, and I love seeing someone else meticulously recording odd variations. Yes!

  3. amze says:

    I had always assumed M & M’s were born that way.. hmmm, this bears further investigations. One that I will carry out with the utmost in meticulous attention to detail. Thanks both for the great comments.

  4. RL Tillman says:

    Dang. We bought these at our local “H Mart” months ago, but I never posted about them, because I ate all the cookies.

    Scooped by Amze!

    And foiled by my greedy belly!

  5. serjio says:

    Could you please suggest what type of printer/equipemnt used to produce images on these snaks.