Ramblin Worker

Steve MacDonald (aka Ramblin Worker) is a San Francisco-based artist known for his fiber-based artwork. His work straddles the realms of art, craft, and design. This embroidered Campbell’s soup cans caught my eye and seemed worth a post. Are they printed? No. But are they print-related? I would say yes. In addition to referencing Warhol, these works can be filed under The Cult of CMYK.  Though MacDonald isn’t strictly adhering to the four-color system (note the inclusion of light green), he does appear to be quoting the language of print, at least in part, and filtering it through textiles.

You can see MacDonald’s work in his solo show at Fuse Gallery in NYC from April 24th to May 15th.

A few more pics after the jump…

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3 Responses to “Ramblin Worker”

  1. Scott Betz says:

    Seems similar to a plotter. Maybe closer to printing technique than you think…?

  2. Scott Betz says:

    Also I’m seeing registration issues.

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