Dan Bergeron

Dan Bergeron‘s Face of the City project first made the Internet rounds several months ago. I missed the blog-boat then, and have been waiting for an excuse to post about this work ever since. Now I have it! Unurth has posted an excellent interview with Bergeron (a.k.a. fauxreel). Highlights:

I like how photography democratizes street art. Not only does it make the work more accessible for the viewer, because most people have taken a photo and they understand the various nuances of photographic representation, but it also allows more people the opportunity to get their work up quite easily. I’m not saying that the majority of the photos that you see pasted up are good, it’s actually the opposite, but a camera can be a very powerful tool that levels the playing field in a lot of respects…

He also discusses a commercial campaign, “Vespa Squareheads,” and the overlap between street art and advertising:

I approached the Vespa Squarehead project with the goal of raising questions about the role of advertising in public space, examining the grey area between street art, graffiti and advertising and attempting to make connections between products and people’s identities. If I can complete a series of work that will pose and examine these types of questions and it will allow me to make some money at the same time, there’s nothing wrong with that in my opinion.

The artist’s website is here. As a postscript, if you’re not looking at unurth regularly, you should be. There’s a lot more to this interview, but in general it’s a fantastic site.

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