Philagrafika 2010: Behind The Scenes At The Print Center


The Print Center was kind enough to give us behind the scenes access to their space during the run-up to the Philagrafika 2010 exhibition launch date. Their focus is “Prints in the Public Sphere”, the thematic lens through which they organized their role in the Graphic Unconscious series of exhibitions and events that comprise the big guns of the Philagrafika experience.

The Print Center will host a diverse roster of artists and collectives. The Philadelphia artists’ collective Space 1026 has turned the main gallery into a lounge/reading room/meeting space. Centered on the idea of creating community through production, the exhibition addresses how artists have used printmaking to access a broad audience and disseminate their work widely. The Print Center will include an interactive printed system by Mexican artist Erick Beltrán; as well as editions, publications, videos and programs byEric Avery (US), Bitterkomix (South Africa), Sue Coe (UK),Julius Deutschbauer (Austria), Dexter Sinister (US), Dispatch(US), Drive By Press (US), Eloísa Cartonera (Argentina), Art Hazelwood (US), Jenny Schmid (US), Self Help Graphics & Art (US) and Temporary Services (US).

To begin with they have completely re-organized and re-deployed the work in their print store, making the small commercial space embody a model for getting print work to the public.

IMG_9081.JPG IMG_9082.JPG IMG_9083.JPG IMG_9085.JPG

Upstairs Erick Beltrán is hard at work on his site specific insteractive installation.

IMG_9087.JPG IMG_9088.JPG


This photograph was taken by Lindsay Mckeighan

The information artist hard at work on some kind of die-cut craziness.


Doritos.. part of the art or merely food for thought? We’ll soon find out.


Eric Avery was installing his bathroom installation while I passed through the space.

And here are some unframed images of the amazing comic work by the South Africa partners who comprise Bitterkomix.

IMG_9124.JPG IMG_9125.JPG IMG_9126.JPG IMG_9127.JPG

(Um.. please don’t tell anyone I handled these books.)

IMG_9128.JPG IMG_9129.JPG IMG_9130.JPG IMG_9131.JPG

And lastly, Jason Hsu hard at work on the Space 1026 yurt-tacular.

IMG_9102.JPG IMG_9103.JPG

And here is one of the many free ephemeral items they Print Center will be giving away to first comers on Saturday.

It’s a broadside by the artist, Art Hazelwood.


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2 Responses to “Philagrafika 2010: Behind The Scenes At The Print Center”

  1. Sarah Marshall says:

    oh. wow.

  2. Paul says:

    O, Man, this is gonna be one print-tastic-acular winterspring in Philly.
    I hope there’s still some juice in these engines when Southern Graphics rolls around–We cannot wait!