Gareth Long

The death of J.D. Salinger reminded me of a 2008 piece by Gareth Long. Untitled (Stories) is a series of large lenticular prints based on the familiar cover design of Salinger paperbacks from Little, Brown.

There’s video of this piece at the artist’s website, along with this description:

A series of nine lenticular prints based on the four paperback novels of J.D. Salinger that use and manipulate the iconic but anonymous cover designs. The six-foot prints reconfigure and animate the brightly coloured geometric lines of the book covers, suggesting the modernist art historical precedents of abstract painters such as Stella and Lewitt, Minimalism, or even the Op Art movement.

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One Response to “Gareth Long”

  1. Natalie says:

    Gareth Long actually has a show up right now at Kate Werble gallery with three different series of book-related works including the Salinger lenticulars…