Littlest Print Exchange


In a world that keep telling us to make things bigger and faster, sometimes you want something small, intimate and printed. Christopher Clark took that impetus and created the Little Print Exchange. A self described contrarian, Chris begin the project to work against the notion that larger art works have greater intrinsic value and as an opportunity to create what he felt was a quality exchange of prints. He curated a group of fifty artists from around the world who were  interested  in the the concept of making prints only three and a half inches in any direction. The portfolio runs the gamut of print techniques and approaches and all 50 can be seen on the project’s website. Rumor has it Chris might go even smaller for the next project. Shown prints by Jill Marie Mason, Nancy Jo Haselbacher and Christopher Clark.



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One Response to “Littlest Print Exchange”

  1. jean c. says:

    a while ago I was part of a 4″x4″ print exchange… beaten by two half-inches! darnit!