Sean Woosely and the Appropriated Poster Campaign


The Wooster Collective describes Sean Woosely as,the man behind the Appropriated Poster Campaign, transforms mediocre everyday outdoor advertising into something bold and meaningful. His messages are clear and concise. In the hopes of having the everyday bus rider in Southern California be inspired not to consume, but to be human, he removes, alters, and re-installs bus posters. We hope to have the opportunity to see them in New York City sometime soon”.


Sean’s own manifesto is no less grand in it’s scope:

The Appropriated Poster Campaign Manifesto:

Above is a series of appropriated posters that I painted over and reinstalled into bus stops.The APC (as i like to refer to it) is an ongoing experimental campaign to raise cognitive awareness and more importantly to inspire benevolent action that we often forget, oversee, or might be in opposition to our often hedonistic culture. It also acts as an inherent social commentary in declaring a space more public than it was before.

I hope enjoy Sean’s strangely compelling images. To read a full interview with Sean conducted by the Wooster Collective follow this link to Good Magazine.




Thanks to The Wooster Collective and Good Magazine for bringing this work to our attention.

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