Well, it’s been a great year for us at Printeresting! In case you missed it, we’ve compiled some of our favorite content from 2009. Posting will be light during the Holidays, so please enjoy some Classic Printeresting (a.k.a. reruns). Enjoy!limited edition ice cream

“limited edition” holiday ice cream

From Scrappy Upstart to Internet Behemoth in no time at all! Since we celebrated our First Anniversary with a Dirty Apron Contest in April, we’ve been grateful to see our readership continue to grow. We were happy to meet some of you at events like SGC Chicago and NY Print Week ’09; we also did our best to cover those events for readers who couldn’t make it. This year also saw the debut of guest posts by various Friends of Printeresting, including a report from the Venice Biennale!

And of course, we curated the first Printeresting exhibition, One Every Day. The show was a big success, as was the accompanying Ephemera Swap. Big thanks to Michelle Levy and the staff at the EFA in helping to make One Every Day possible. Be on the lookout; next year will bring more real-world Printeresting events.


In general, we’re working hard to make the site more interesting, more informative, and more useful. You can now join us on Facebook; almost a thousand readers have already done so. Don’t forget about our PDF of The Month series, and our Classifieds Section gets a lot of eyeballs – please use it!

The Year in Review: With the historic inauguration of Barack Obama, it was inevitable that we started 2009 with a frenzy of Obamagraphics. Of course, the new President’s sparkly shine slowly wore off, things got ugly, and the Obamagraphics phenomenon lost its luster. But as the year wore on, we found graphic inspiration in other current events, including the ongoing global financial crisis, election tumult in Iran and the H1N1 Scare. We continue to explore, and try to explain, the growing “popularity” of printmaking. And the kids love it too!

SOME OF OUR FAVORITE POSTS FROM 2009: This year we brought you more dispatches from China, and exclusive studio visits with artists including Glen Baldridge and The Little Friends of Printmaking. As always, we shared artists, artwork, and online resources like The Brilliant Line, Graphics Atlas, and the Tyler Archive. Other favorites:

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Hallowe’en Costume Suggestions

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Saturday Morning Cartoons: Rootin’ Tootin’ Gutenberg!

Mechanick Exercises: or The Doctrine of Handyworks applied to the Art of Printing

For All You Lonely Hearts

What A Coincidence!

Journeys in Printing With Inkster

The last year has been good to Printeresting. We’ve been presented with opportunities to meet and work with lots of great people. We have much to be thankful for, not the least of which is our readers’ support. Here’s hoping for more of the same in 2010!

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