Obamagraphics: Mao Edition

Obama Mao

Printeresting has suffered from a long bout of Obamagraphics fatigue. It’s hard to believe that there hasn’t been single post relating to the Graphic Force that is Barack Obama since early spring! Some news from China last month seemed worth breaking the silence.

China may be a DVD counterfeiter’s dream but apparently it doesn’t mess around when it comes to t-shirts. Last month during Obama’s visit to Beijing, a Chinese entrepreneur learned that lesson the hard way. Liu Mingji is the designer of a popular Obama/Mao mash-up t-shirt. Mingji reportedly received a visit from uniformed officers from Beijing’s Industry and Commerce Administration. Though they officially deny any visit, Mingji has stopped all production and sales of the t-shirts.

While the shirt design can be read as potentially offensive and/or funny depending on one’s political leanings, it seems more likely that most sales were made based on kitsch appeal. Is it just me or does China seem like an unlikely opponent of junky souvenirs?

(via Steve Seidman’s Posters and Election Propaganda)

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