SGC Philadelphia: Mark/Remarque


Or do we have to start calling it SGCI? Regardless of acronym, early registration was announced last week along with the debut of the Mark/Remarque conference website. Circle March 24th to March 27th on your calendars, this one promises to be unlike any past Southern Graphics conferences. It’s being held in Philadelphia in conjunction with The Graphic Unconscious, a huge citywide printstravaganza organized by the good people at Philagrafika. There’s way too much going on to summarize it all here so we urge you to dig around their respective websites for details.

Printeresting will be on the scene for both Mark/Remarque and The Graphic Unconscious providing tons of coverage and maybe even some insight? Printeresting is also working on an evening event for Thursday, March 25th but we’re keeping a lid on it until all the specifics are finalized. Needless to say, we’ll let you know more when we know more.

ben_franklinBen Franklin statue in downtown Philadelphia. Printeresting’s candidate for Philly’s best public artwork. Take that, Robert Indiana!

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