Proceed and Be Bold!

UPDATE (11/25): Here’s a link to the new web home of PROCEED & BE BOLD!.

Amos Paul Kennedy, Jr. is the subject of Proceed and Be Bold!, a really great documentary that takes viewers on a journey through this unique letterpress printer’s life and work. Interviews with the artist himself, as well as his family, friends, and acquaintances, come together to form a compelling portrait of a complex man. Here’s the trailer…

YouTube Preview Image

Having just watched the film a few days ago, it’s quite inspirational and I highly recommend it. The film documents Kennedy’s amazing racially and socially-charged posters and performances, and it communicates his serious commitment to tradition and the handmade object. With Kennedy as the common ground, the story intertwines two seemingly disparate elements- the civil rights movement and the history of letterpress printing. Using the language of the past, Kennedy’s work speaks volumes about the present. There are some seriously funny moments, too, and a cameo appearance by Hatch Show Print. Track down a copy of this DVD.

The full-length film is produced and directed by Laura Zinger of Brown Finch Films and was released in 2008. Unfortunately, BFF’s website appears to be down currently but you can click here to see Kennedy’s prints.

You can see some pics of Kennedy’s posters after the jump…tees10



proceedThe title of the movie actually comes from the late Samuel Mockbee of Rural Studio at Auburn University.

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7 Responses to “Proceed and Be Bold!”

  1. mark says:

    this guy is a ruler. i read about him some time ago, and he has had a profound effect on my thinking since.

    fiercely guarding tradition and the handmade object. great stuff.

  2. kvh says:

    just dug through to their site – – everything is down. I really want to order a copy of the DVD – –

    Any leads anyone?

  3. gemorris says:

    NA Graphics has the DVD listed for sale on their website.

    Amos is a truly inspiring fellow. After meeting him my whole perspective of my printing and my relationship with the medium changed. He doesn’t try to do this of course; the example he sets simply pulls it out of you.

    Now if that inspiration could share some of its immediacy with the logistical knots it leads to, I’d be one happy fellow. As it is my ATF Little Giant still sits unloved while I compress my studio and existing letterpress equipment to make room for it. Posters will be made, if only they could be made right now.

  4. Dan Judge says:

    Spoke with Laura from Brown Finch Films. The form Jason posted above will work. Looks like they are going by 20k films now. Address listed on the order form is still correct, just address the envelope and make the check out to 20K Films.

  5. jasonurban says:

    Thanks for the update, Dan.

  6. Pat Kabore says:

    Mr. Kennedy: I am an african american female printmaker who hapened accross your work in an art magazine. Being a 2D visual artist, and being REALLY black in my orientation, life, and art your work spoke to me, as an artist and a black woman.

    I would like to buy several of your works to hang along with some other beautiful art I have hanging on my walls.

    Since the art market has been down, thse past few years, and sales have been off, can I get a discournt if I buy 4 of your works, namely, Coffe Makes You Black, She Who Learns Teaaches (I teach senors and children, Make Art, and Art Saves Lives.

    Please let me know and I will send you a check. Include postage in the cost. I TRULY LOVE YOUR WROK, AND would love to send you one of my prints.
    Did I say I am an award winning, but fincancially challenged, smile) printmaker.
    Let me know, thaks so much. Pat Kabore