One Every Day: Exhibition Tour (Part 1)

So a week after the One Every Day opening, we’re finally getting around to posting pictures of the actual show. While the opening night party is a fading memory, remember the exhibition will be up until December 19th, if you are near NYC check it out. There will also be at least one zany event early next month in the exhibition space.. but more on that later.

To give you a sense of space, the EFA Project Space consists of one large room and two slightly smaller rooms. Due to the scale of the exhibition, we’ll break this up into two posts. We’ll start with the larger room…

oed03Tons of pics after the jump…

oed01Evan Roth‘s stickers- “Available Online for Free.” Stickers were free for the taking.

oed02From left to right on the wall: Glen Baldridge, Liz Zanis, & Chad Kouri. Kate Bingaman-Burt’s zine table on the right.

oed04Close-up of Liz Zanis’ miniature printed matter reproductions… silkscreen on balsa.

oed05Kate Bingaman-Burt, Obsessive Consumption: What Did You Buy Today?, Laser Prints & Xerox Copies, 2009.

oed07Stephanie Syjuco, Color Theory Communication Transference (People’s Park, Berkeley, CA, 2009), Inkjet Prints & Cardboard, 2009.

oed06Stephanie Syjuco on left, Temporary Services poster wall on right, and two pieces by Carlos Motta in the center of the room.

oed09Carlos Motta, Brief History of Leftist Guerrillas in Latin America, Newsprint Publication, Edition of 500, 2009. Free for the taking.

oed08Temporary Services poster wall on left, freestanding table with Matt Hopson-Walker’s books, and Scott Nobles and Leslie Mutchler pieces in the distance.

oed16Matt Hopson-Walker, Empire Vallery Panorama Zine, Xerox Copies and Screenprint on Paper, 2009.

oed11Scott Nobles, Leslie Mutchler, and the start of Post Typography’s posters. Megawords’ newspaper box in the foreground.

oed12Scott Nobles, Blank Check (World Bank), 2006.

oed17Leslie Mutchler, Outer Space/Green Space series, Digital Print on Somerset, 2009.

oed15Post Typography posters, Packard Jennings‘ video and books, and Julian Montague‘s framed screenprints. Megawords, newspaper box in the foreground.

oed14Megawords, Megawords Magazine, Newspaper box & Magazines, 2009.

Follow this link for Part Two of the One Every Day exhibition tour.

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