Multiple X Multiple at UTK

Guest Post by Katie Ries.

galleryshot2Last spring I joined four other printmaking graduate students at the University of Tennessee in curating a show which we hoped would survey contemporary printmaking. Each of us, along with our professor Beauvais Lyons, proposed artists whose work highlighted what we considered to be the pulse of printmaking: what endures, where it’s headed, and how it has evolved. This curatorial process highlighted our own different approaches to printmedia and art– digital media being an especially passionate topic– and it gave us practical insight into the logistics and finances of exhibiting (some of our favorite artists were unavailable, too expensive, or too large to show). The resulting exhibition is titled Multiple X Multiple: A Survey of Contemporary Print Media.


We ended up with a well-rounded show that challenges the “tyranny of the matrix” at the same time it celebrates the democracy of the multiple. Visitors to the gallery are met by the beautiful design and razor sharp wit of Flavor Paper, a New Orleans-based wallpaper shop. Rounding the Flavor Paper wall, they encounter a couch and a coffee table strewn with zines by Indianapolis/Portland-based Microcosm Publishing. Surrounding the zine display are limited edition bibles by wood engraver Barry Moser, a vast display of book pages by illustrator Chris Ware, and a Squeak Carnwath print done in collaboration with Tandem Press (at the University of Wisconsin).


The rhythm of the exhibit continues to cycle through traditional prints-on-the-wall as well as more unorthodox uses of printmedia, including but not limited to, engaging three-dimensional installations by Jason Urban/Leslie Mutchler and John Hitchcock, a beautiful hair stencil installation by Althea Murphy-Price, large scale relief banners by Jenny Schmid, and a rich video piece by Jay Bolotin. The exhibit ranges broadly enough for each visitor to find a piece in it that speaks to him or her and stimulates conversations about the nature and implications of the multiple.

We remain excited to see the continued evolution of printmedia and welcome your feedback on the exhibit and/or the state of printmaking today. Copies of the catalog are available for the low low price of $5 and will look great on your coffee table. Send cash or checks to: Ben Wooten, Ewing Gallery, 1715 Volunteer Blvd., Knoxville, TN. 37996-4521




Artists in the exhibition: Don Ed Hardy, Alec Thibodeau, Squeak Carnwath, Benjamin Edwards, Microcosm Publishing, Jenny Schmid, Chris Ware, the Kartoon Kings, Dora Lisa Rosenbaum, Althea Murphy-Price, Jason Urban and Leslie Mutchler, Josh Minnie, John Hitchcock, Lisa Bulawsky, Jay Bolotin, and Barry Moser.

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One Response to “Multiple X Multiple at UTK”

  1. RL Tillman says:

    I just had a chance to review the catalog for this show, and I think it looks great.

    You all deserve a lot of praise for this ambitious project!