Printmakers’ Secrets

printmakers secrets

Yes, it was the title that caught my attention, but I must admit to being rather pleased with my copy of Printmakers’ Secrets since I received it in the mail a few days ago. Published this year and just recently available to audiences in the US, Anthony Dyson has put together a wonderful book of printmakers and their first hand account with the media. The book begins with a foreword by Sir Peter Blake pronouncing this to be “a most exciting time for printmaking,” and then launches into two page spreads with images and words by  sixty-seven artists.


The artists writings vary from personal narratives about how they began working with printmaking, to explainations of why they are using certain media (Melvyn Petterson goes in depth about dry-point), to the conceptual ideas and inspiration behind their work (Frank Kiely explains the importance of a Mamas and Papas song and his use of color).  There is a lot of wonderful geeky tech talk for those who already know and love prints, but not in excess making this a great book for beginners or for someone curious to find examples of artists writing about their own work.

Since Dyson is based in the UK, most of the artists presented between the covers of his book are also from the British Isles. As a reader from the US, this was the book’s greatest attraction to me, as it has served to introduce me to several artists, such as Pilar Munoz and Carole Hensher, who are doing exciting work but have not appeared on my radar before.


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