Typeface: The Movie


Typeface is a documentary film directed by Justine Nagan and produced by Kartemquin Films. In case there is any confusion, yes this is a film about type & letterpress printing. What took so long? The filmmakers describe the film:

Typeface focuses on a rural Midwestern museum and print shop where international artists meet retired craftsmen and together navigate the convergence of modern design and traditional technique.

The museum in question is the Hamilton Wood Type Museum that was mentioned here not too long ago. The film uses the museum as a site of inquiry into the thriving midwestern letterpress scene. Typeface is currently touring film festivals and type/book events around the country, to find out it’s next screening near you check here.


Here you can see an exciting shot of the film being made with cameras, microphones and woolen hats.


This is poster and the one at the top of the post are available on the site, they serve as both great posters and fundraisers for the project. The top poster is by Dennis Ichiyama and this one above is by the design collective, The Post Family.

Thanks to C.S. for the great scoop!

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  1. ciro says:


    Look the typeface link, there is an error (http://http//typeface.kartemquin.com/)