Frédéric Coché (Auteur)


Frédéric Coché is an elusive european artist whose work employs finely drawn etchings that look like they sprung from the mind of James Ensor after a bit too much absynthe. You can see the cover to the book , Hortus Sanitas, above (published by Fremok and available here and here).  This format is typical to the 2-3 volumes of Coché’s work that are available; it’s a sequential narrative constructed out of line etchings with a layout like a graphic novel.


The image above is a sample page from Hortus Sanitus. Trying to track down any information on Coché requires some serious internet digging (mostly because one has to slip-out of the english-only inter-web). I did find an interesting write-up on him in Stripburger, “the only Slovene comic magazine covering news in comics, theories on comics and works of Slovene and foreign comic authors (there have been 36 numbers released yet)”:

Frédéric Coché, born in the last century in a small metallurgic village in Lorraine, nearby Jeanne d’Arc’s birth village Donrémy. After that, he studied comix in Brussels, and later got his degree at Nancy’s art school. He’s published several short stories in Frigobox, and Hortus Sanitatis by the same publisher. Some may say that he’s the author of an anonymous pornographical treatise called Ars simia Naturae. For the moment he’s working on an one hundred and fifty pages treatise about life and war wich might be called Vie et Mort du Héros triomphante.

More images and information after the jump.

hortus-4.jpghortus-2.jpgMore images from the Hortus Sanitas book.


Above is the cover image from the Hero’s Life and Death Triumphant book, and I managed to find a great review of the book at the Madinkbeard blog. Derik Badman the author of the afore mentioned experimental comics blog was kind enough to try his hand at translating an interview with the artist about some of his thoughts behind the book, you can read that below:

There is the hero, a little character who is embalmed and wrapped in bandages by his parents and the society which surrounds him. This is the little me with a small “m”. This little me is aware of two things: around him, and no doubt in him, before the embalming, a foaming, a swarming of which each particle doesn’t stop wanting to take all the space. Eros unbridled.

But, he was embalmed. That is, he was cleaned. All that swarmed was secluded. He was put in a tomb, which is the place of ultimate resistance to corruption: the geometrically cut stone could be submerged by nature. Et in Arcadia, ego: Me, the tomb, I remain, even in Arcadia. Even in the middle of the swarming jungle I endure. Geometry is the instrument of ultimate struggle against the entropy of life. The father of the hero is a king (like all fathers). And this king, like all the kinds, struggles against entropy. Against change and dispersion. The struggle against what is natural is titanic, even for a king.

Therefore the hero, small “h”, who is torn in an opposition which overwhelms him: swarming Life which pervades and geometric Death which prolongs. Who will triumph? The agreement is forced by the feminine, because the hero isn’t concerned with the triumph of one or the other of the entities which confront him. For attention, one of the two could, at each moment, triumph.

((Thanks Derik, keep up the good work!)

albumscochethehero_p2.jpgAn image from the Hero’s volume.

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  1. Melinda Pap says:


  2. rosa maria albino says:

    I like very much this Coche’s works. Some of artworks (16 pz) of Cochè ‘s books are in my private collection.

  3. R. Standfest says:

    Nice write-up Mr. Emmons. Msr. Coché has been an interest of mine as well.

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  7. […] I think, to a lot of cartoonists, ‘growing with your drawing’ means ‘refining your style.’ Frederic Coche, who I also feel an affinity towards but have no connection to, released this amazing new book that […]

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