The wait is over. The winner of Printeresting’s First Anniversary Dirty Apron Contest is…. JEAN COZZENS!!


Nice Work, Jean C.! I have to say that this photo, entitled “Jean C. Crust,” is what did it for the committee:


This scab-like apron almost makes me want to vomit. INCREDIBLE!! Jean C., what have you been doing in that thing? Anyway, Jean wins the Big Prize: a commemorative Inkster the Viking Apron.

SURPRISE: We have two Runners-Up, and they each win a commemorative Printeresting tote bag!


Tip o’ the apron to Ben Moreau for the recto/verso views. Yuk! What does Ben add to his ink, spent bio-diesel??

old_apronJodi Green earned her tote bag with stylish presentation and a flair for words: “I tend to contain my filth to the gut area, in part because I have a tendency to roll ink so enthusiastically that the roller flies off the slab and smacks me in the gut.” Good for you, Jodi!

We received so many excellent apron entries, often with excellent apron back-stories. Some were just weird, and some were actually touching. We present some highlights after the jump. You ‘Stingers are the best; thanks for a great year and please keep reading!

dirtyapronJustin Staller: that patina is just beautiful. And rad text, too. Nice apron, J.S.!

3452752359_a3953b70f6_oMay Yang gets points for the old-school print reference, and for the Flickr page devoted to her entry.

1Bob Rogers, thanks for being the first person to enter our contest! And for this story: “I’ve had this apron for so long I can’t remember when I got it. I reckon I’ve been using it, year in and year out, for at least twenty years… I received it in the mail one day as a promotional item from The Glassell School of Art at the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston.”

justinAnd Justin Miller sends along a tale that makes this whole thing worthwhile: “The paper company apron is my favorite. My dad gave it to me when he retired as a printer, while I was a printmaking major at art school. He contributed very few of the stains.”


We love you all! Happy Anniversary to US, and stay tuned for more interesting printmaking miscellany!!

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  1. Nicole says:

    AWESOME! The individual mark-making on each one is pretty nice to see.

  2. mickey says:

    congrats jean! hahaha

  3. jean c. says:

    the Crust:

    98% acrylic silkscreen ink

    2% bread flour

    (this apron has paid an occasional visit to the kitchen)

    thanks printeresting!

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