Extreme Paper Craft


The Paper craft scene is booming in a way not seen since the plastic model kit took the joy out of folding printed paper into an aeroplane in the 1940’s. Despite the explosion of practitioners of this crafty endeavor,  Bert Simmons, a paper sculptor and designer in the Netherlands, still takes the proverbial folded-paper cake for his wildly realistic human portraits.


This image give you a bit of insight into his process.


And the finished work. 

various__publicity-photos__bert_simons_clones_465“Clones” of the master builder himself.

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6 Responses to “Extreme Paper Craft”

  1. RL Tillman says:

    wha wha WHAT~~?!!

  2. ben moreau says:

    these are crazy. the work is vaguely reminiscent of some of oliver herring’s work or even a little like scott fife’s large cardboard portraits.

  3. wiwimu says:

    WOW! Impressive.

  4. RL Tillman says:

    This is my favorite part: You can download his clone, print it out, and make one yourself.

    There are photos of various “successful” attempts, some of which are more successful than others. The wonkier constructions made by other people highlight how skillful the artist really is. Love this, love it!

  5. Fadhli Madjid says:

    Amazing… It much more precious than just a papercraft… Four thumbs up!!! ^_^ Wish i can build my own face papercraft too…

  6. Corrupiola says:

    Really impressive 🙂