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Rockwell Kent May Day

With Spring, comes so many holidays and for so many reasons. I had not thought of one for printmaking – well other than our annual print pilgrimage to SGC – until I got a recent email. The very active and engaged print club at Monterey Peninsula College has declared May 2, 2009 Print Day. They are asking for artists from around the world join in and ink up some plates, stones, blocks, screens and well whatever else you can imagine on that day. I am sharing their information below for those who might also be interested in this print fest.

Wouldn’t it be great? Printmakers all over the world, all printing on the same day, knowing that they are sharing the experience with others…

Join the MPC Fine Art Print Club for a Print Day in May! Just make the commitment to print somewhere, somehow, on Saturday May 2. Send us a note letting us know where and when you’ll be printing. A phone # if possible. We will let everyone know who is participating. We can call each other, blog about it or just revel in the fact that we are all taking some time to do what we love to do.

If you need a place to print, let me and Nora know. We can try to hook you up with someone else in your area.

If you can offer a place to print, for even one other person, let us know and we will send someone your way.

If you would like to print at Monterey Peninsula College, just register for Art38F section # 6529. If you are already an MPC student, it will cost you $10.00 and you can print both Saturday and Sunday May 2 & 3 from 9-5. Such a deal! If you would like to print with us at MPC but you are not currently enrolled, you can still do it, it will cost you a bit more in miscellaneous fees. Call Admissions and Records at 831-646-2002 or 4007, or go to

Contact Print Club Prez Nora Partido at or

Robynn Smith 

We’ll set you up!!!!!!


Print Day in May: Saturday   May 2, 2009

Let us know where/when you’ll be printing!!!!!!!!!!!!

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11 Responses to “Print Holiday”

  1. I’m in. I will be printing Saturday May 2 in my studio hummingbirdpress located in Central WI . I will probably be working on one of my unfinished intaglio plates proofing it. My phone number is 715.743.4028 It will be great fun.

  2. What a fine idea. I will be printing at the studio here in Tuscany. Couldn’t find a way to comment on the MPC site but will link to it when I post on May 2.

  3. Janet Davis says:

    Print Day indeed!
    I’ll be printing that day at my non-toxic etching/relief studio here in Brookfield, Newfoundland.
    My studio is open to the public, and I would love to have other artists join in!
    I”ll post a link to this site on my own telling everyone about Print Day!

  4. dinahmow says:

    Didn’t stumble on this until May 3. But I was printing (proofs) on May 2! If this is to be annual I’ll pass the information along to other members of Printbank (small, but energetic printmaking group in Mackay, Central Queensland, Australia)

    My blog

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  6. Robynn Smith says:

    On May 3 in Australia, it was may 2 here in Monterey! I’m so glad you joined us. We had some printmakers from Magpie Studios in Adelaide printing with us as well.
    Yes, we’re making it an annual. First saturday in May, along with the Kentucky Derby. is our blog.Visit and post!
    Thanks so much for joining in.

  7. PRINT DAY IN MAY… we created a blog:

    check it out! If you’d like to submit pics or links, e-mail me at

    (Yes, there is another Jen Anderson, printmaker… I’d be the Jennifer L. Anderson, hailing from Monterey, CA — but only here recently from VT)

  8. Nora Partido says:

    Hi Robyn,

    Greetings from Monterey Bay, California! We’d love to include you on the PrintClub Blog:
    Please send snippets and jpgs of your experience!
    Thanks for joining us in our annual event.


  9. Nora Partido says:

    Hi CathyJean,
    I’m so glad to know that I wasn’t the only one working on an intaglio in progress! Spent the weekend and class time tonight pulling proofs and/or tweaking the aquatint; still ironing out the kinks… rats!
    Do you have any jpgs of your work from 02 May 09? We’d love to include your experience on our PrintClub Blog:
    Thanks so much for joining us in our annual Club event.

  10. Robynn Smith says:

    And those of us in Monterey are SOOOOO glad you are here!

  11. Robynn Smith says:

    Hi Janet,
    I must confess I did not know of this blog until yesterday, so I missed corresponding with all who posted here, prior to the event. I hope the day was a good one. Most of our printing connections have been toward the west-Hawaii, Australia, etc. How wonderful that we were connecting to the east as well!
    Please go to our new blog and from there to our websites. I hope you will visit my personal site as well. I’d love to know more about your studio. Would you please send me your website?
    Thanks so much,