SGC Panel: Performance Prints

I arrived late to Performance Prints: Taking It to the Street and Stage so I missed the introductions and the first speaker. When I got there, Jenny LeBlanc of New Orleans’ Hot Iron Press was already midtalk. LeBlanc’s talk focused of her work and a number of collaborations with Kyle Bravo. Printing is an integral part to her performances. I’m too tired for commentary but here’s a link to a YouTube video she showed. It is of a three-person collaboration with Bravo and Claire Rau that’s currently showing in Toronto. It’s totally bizarre and great.

YouTube Preview Image

And Drive By Press‘ Greg Nanney gave a really solid and funny talk discussing thier UW-Madison origins and motivations. He had some worthwhile insight into touring across the country and talked about the t-shirt as an art medium. We’ll definitely have more about DBP later.

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2 Responses to “SGC Panel: Performance Prints”

  1. I was very disappointed in this performance. Yes it´s a little bizarre but what makes it good?

  2. jasonurban says:

    Seriously, Asbjørn? Did you notice that there’s an abominable snowman?