In case you missed it, we’ve compiled some of our favorite content from 2008. Posting will be light during the Holidays, so please enjoy some Classic Printeresting (a.k.a. reruns). Any new stuff will appear below this post until the New Year, when we have some surprises in store. Enjoy!


Scarcity implies value: ‘limited edition’ Ghirardelli Chocolates

Easily the top story arc of the last year was the debut of a new genre of printmaking dedicated to the candidate-turned-President-Elect: Obamagraphics. We’ve dedicated over twenty posts to this Graphic Phenomenon. You can check out Jason Urban’s pre-election wrap-up, but this Epic Saga Continues.

The Financial Meltdown. Another story thread that’s generated a lot of posts has been the current economic crisis. Many visitors end up here after Googling “printable money,” or “how to print money,” or “free printable money.” Let’s all make a New Year’s resolution to stop counterfeiting.

Most of the time we’re just bloggin’ atcha with print-related whimsy, but we’ve also brought you timely and original printmaking news and reviews. East Coast elitist Amze Emmons was on the scene for Print Week NYC, but also filed a special report from China. And on the other side of the country, our new L.A. correspondent Jennifer Anderson reported on the end of La Mano Press. We’ve also shared some thought-provoking critical resources and printwork by many great artists.

For the record, our most-read posts of the year were Ghost of a Printing Press, a haunting photograph by Chris Norris that the Internet couldn’t get enough of, and the fashion cross-over Albers + Hermès = Bauhaus Chic. Judged by site traffic, other audience favorites were Gary Kachadourian’s life-sized prints and our roundup of DIY vinyl cutter resources.

It’s been an exciting inaugural year for us, so thanks for reading. In the New Year please turn to Printeresting for even more interesting printmaking miscellany!


R.L.’s obsession with the appearance of prints and a printmaker in the comic strip Apartment 3-G

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Junior Printmakers

Hatch Show Print Wine

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