Super-Patriot, Super-Propagandist, Super-Pressman


Let’s assume you’re in charge of the U.S. government while the country wages the war of the century. Let’s also assume your side has an invulnerable flying man with the strength to move planets. From a national security perspective, what’s the best use for this Man of Tomorrow?

…Maybe he should print up some racist caricatures? Sell some bonds?

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2 Responses to “Super-Patriot, Super-Propagandist, Super-Pressman”

  1. ben moreau says:

    they also made some cartoons at that same time along these lines. max and dave fleischer made an amazing series of animated superman shorts in the early 40’s. one of which has superman sinking japanese boats at night before they can go out to sea. as an adult it has raised very troubling questions about superman’s morality and his ability to be manipulated, and to be used as a weapon.

  2. amze says:

    I’ve seen those cartoons. Creepy stuff. I wonder if there are any good examples of similar things happening now, during our extended conflict in the middle east?

    The only thing that comes to mind is the shift in generic action figures seen at dollar stores and ‘Big Lots’. Starting in the first golf war I noticed that cameo changed from WWII style green to a sandy tan color. More recently I’ve seen cheap toy fighter jets sold in sets where the ‘good guys’ have stars on the wings and the ‘bad guys’ have crescent moons.

    Did I just admit to trolling the toy lane at Big Lots on the internet? I was just looking for the shampoos!