Albers + Hermès = Bauhaus Chic

As anyone who’s been to a printmaking conference knows, it’s not a scene that would be easily confused with New York Fashion Week. But there are moments when the worlds of fashion and print collide. Case in point, French fashion powerhouse Hermès is paying tribute to Josef Albers in a series of limited edition scarves. Using Albers Homage to the Square series as inspiration, Hermès has created six carrès (silk scarves) in editions of 200. The scarves will be for sale at select Hermès stores for the bargain price of €2,000!

Info regarding the edition came by way of Wallpaper magazine. Surprisingly, the article discusses in some detail the printing process and a new ‘edge to edge’ technique developed especially for the Albers-inspired pieces. Beyond the Wallpaper article itself, neither the Hermes or Albers Foundation websites appear to have additional info.

I’ve heard that Calder’s estate is releasing limited edition jewelry based on his mobiles. And one trip to the MoMA store will show the limitless commercial potential in the work of Frank Lloyd Wright. I’m all for blurring the lines between the gallery and the marketplace but isn’t it funny to think that modernism’s greatest legacy might be in the luxury accessory industry?

MoMA’s three-ply paper cocktail napkins featuring imagery adapted from the art glass windows of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Coonley Playhouse.

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