Anton Perich

Unfortunately, not too much information exists online about Anton Perich. Perich is a New York artist who produces large scale paintings with a machine that operates much like an inkjet printer. What’s interesting about Perich, that has his work stand out from that of similar inkjet tech projects like Hektor the Spray-Paint Output Device, is that Perich began developing these machines in 1978, long before most people knew what an inkjet printer was.

Although the works have a clear indication of the technology, they maintain a great deal of expression along with a visual resemblance to the subject matter and image quality of Perich’s early celebrity films featuring the likes of David Johansen and Lady Divine.

Watch “The Painting Machine”, a video of Perich working in his studio and note the early footage clearly time-stamped with Chuck Mangione’s “Feels So Good”. An interesing selection considering the unfeeling machine at work.

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One Response to “Anton Perich”

  1. Giada says:

    Anton Perich’s work is amazing and truly inspiring. I love his photography, his paintings, his films and his writing which appears regularly in Night Magazine (which he has been publishing since the 1970’s.) Watching his painting machine at work is a truly meditative and colourful experience- there is a great video of it on youtube. more of his work can be seen on and