Germaine Koh

Alongside other worthwhile creative endeavors, Canadian artist Germaine Koh frequently works with the mass-produced, customized multiple:

Pledge is an edition of copper tokens, each bearing the words “I WILL”. The tokens may serve as an alternate form of currency, a sort of promissory note for recognizing non-commercial exchanges, particularly social bonds of trust that elude quantification. Abstract intentions may be concretized by actually putting them to use. The tokens circulate quietly, formalizing personal gestures and marking moments of individual interaction — small changes.

Two coupons [published in The Globe and Mail ], indicating “thanks” and “many thanks,” are put into circulation through a national newspaper, to be clipped out and used as an alternative form of currency…They circulate quietly, formalizing personal interactions and marking moments of individual exchange — small change. As they change hands, they translate abstract notions of value into concrete actions, and vice-versa.

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