Xerox Corporation to Traditional Notions of Archival Print Quality: “DROP DEAD”

Xerox is developing a so-called erasable paper. Apparently, the corporation’s “scientists have invented a way to make prints whose images last only a day, so that the paper can be used again and again.”

The Xerox Innovation Group conducts work in color science, computing, digital imaging, work practices, electromechanical systems, novel materials, linguistics, work practice analysis, and nanotechnology connected to Xerox’s expertise in printing and document management.

…I plan to pursue a Kohler-style residency with this X.I.G., ASAP!

actual photo of Xerox Scientist at work

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One Response to “Xerox Corporation to Traditional Notions of Archival Print Quality: “DROP DEAD””

  1. jasonurban says:

    Does Xerox hire magicians? Look at that guy’s pose.

    On a more serious note, just imagine if this erasable paper was applicable to traditional print processes. You could teach students how to print without wasting paper. If that isn’t green printmaking, I don’t know what is.