DIY Friday: The Electric Pencil

We all know that Nitric Acid is going the way of Dutch Mordant. And Ferric Chloride, the safest acid alternative, creates a huge rust-colored mess. Don’t you wish there was some other option… something safe and dry and clean? While doing some research on laser etching (keep an eye for future posting), I stumbled across some plans for electric pencils. What a Craftsman 14.4-volt compact drill is a hand drill, the electric “pencil” is to your etching needle…

It’s Friday so you probably have time to kill, right? These fun and useful projects from Vintage Projects will enhance your studio. Plans for…

Electric Arc Etching Pencil &Vibrating Electric Pencil

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One Response to “DIY Friday: The Electric Pencil”

  1. rltillman says:

    Delightful! I hope you’ve actually made one of these, because your post is an “implied endorsement.”