Printmaking in the News(paper)

Clip from Apt. 3G

The widely syndicated comic strip Apartment 3-G currently features a printmaking-related storyline. If (by chance) you don’t follow the strip, you’re missing out on a glorious showcase of popular misconceptions about printmaking.

One of Apartment 3-G’s roommates, Lu Ann, recently gained critical and popular acclaim for her paintings of flowers. You see, she was trapped in her studio and visited by the ghost of Albert Pinkham Ryder, who tried to inspire her to artistic greatness and also tried to destroy her. Ultimately, it turned out that Lu Ann was suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning. Let’s pick it up with another roommate, the savvy business-maven Margo, who has appointed herself as Lu Ann’s manager:

Money! That sounds great! We all know that art-quality prints are where the real money’s to be made. But will Margo’s proposal require that Lu Ann sacrifice her creative integrity?

Lu Ann is pretty savvy herself, and knows not to sell herself out for anything less than a “limited” edition of prints. Her MFA thesis committee at Yale must have advised her well. Later, Margo and Lu Ann attend a meeting at “Davis Fine Prints,” where they meet the proprietor. That brings us to today’s installment:

So Jack, no fan of “hard work,” decided to give printmaking a try and he just loves it! Of course he does! There’s all that money to be made.

But is Jack really an upstanding businessman? Or will this dashing character, with his admitted laziness and his promises of “limited” editions, turn out to be a scam artist? Are printmakers to be trusted? You can continue to follow the story here.

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